How I made 200K last year with EuroMillion result

Easy tips and tricks about EuroMillion, how to choose better numbers from result and private strategy how to choose and how to pick up numbers to increase odds to win. Download our step by step private tutorial.

I have tested this method from 2012 and only last year started to earn with 5 numbers and 0 stars, 4 numbers 2 stars and lower combinations. Maybe one day I will hit jackpot, who knows. At the moment, im on 200K+ 🙂


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EuroMillion – about, history, facts

euromillion results

EuroMillion started first draw in Paris, 2004. First draw was only for United Kingdom, France and Spain countries. These countries have launched this super popular lottery – Euromillion.

Later in 2004, more countries have joined: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg. These countries helped to reach one of the best lotto in the world status for EuroMillion.

Draws time:

  • Tuesday at 20:45
  • Friday at 20:45

Euromillion result you can find at official lottery site.

If you never had played EuroMillion, in lotto you need pick up 5 numbers from 50, and 2 numbers from 12 which called – stars.

Lottery tickets available anywhere, in markets, kiosks, shops and you can pick your numbers online, this is easy way to purchase ticket. Its is enough one ticket? Who knows, if you choose right numbers and stars – maybe, but i recommend buy few tickets with our strategy to increase some odds and chances to win some money. I dont say you will win jackpot, but im sure you will beat the 4 numbers + 2 stars combination on first month. Dont forget to download our tutorial and know more about our step by step method and strategy how to pick up number in private mode, link posted in top of page with download button.

If you want read some more info about Euromillion result, history, biggest wins i recommend read short info in wikipedia about this lottery.


Why EuroMillion result history is important for lottery?

euromillion result

Not only for EuroMillion, but and for other lottery, result history is very important. You can know what numbers, how often, which stars was showed. Thanks god that now not 1980, and we dont need collect, write any history, any EuroMillion result or any numbers with stars. All history you can find online, on official EuroMillion result site.

I dont recommend use bulk and not private winning numbers, which come every week for everyone. Just dont trust these numbers they all from history – but picked without head. If you use  strategy from bulk winning numbers news – you will get bad result in the end. If you think you can get better numbers, download our tutorial and you will know how I made 200k last year with euromillion result and numbers. I will not tell you any lucky stars, you must do some home work, but in 1 month, i promise, you will reach 4-5 numbers combinations.

Thanks for your time and good luck in lotto!